STRUB Activewear was founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 2006, and then in Zurich, Switzerland in 2014, by renowned athlete Conny Strub. Our care for people and animals alike, our world view, and distinctive fashion-driven approach culminated in creating a business where the clothing and gear reflects our own sense of style and purpose.

The clothing lines we carry are functional, fashionable, comfortable and versatile – and are made from a variety of fibres, from technical to natural – because it is our culture to inspire adventure, no matter where you end up, from the wilderness to the office.

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5 Urban Alternatives to Hot Springs in BC

December 14, 2017

On a chilly winter’s day, sinking shoulder-deep into a pool of hot water is the definition of bliss. British Columbia has plenty of natural hot springs where you can do this while watching the steam rise into the wilderness. But what if you want to warm up with family and friends within commuting distance of the city?

Sure, there are many luxurious urban spas to choose from. But unlike in countries such as Japan, Korea, Finland, and Hungary, spending the day at a community bathhouse or sauna isn’t part of BC culture. Here are five options that come close, offering a taste of BC hot springs in the city—whether it’s the communal atmosphere, thermal waters, or the opportunity to spend hours enveloped in steam.

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Free and cheap family holiday fun in Vancouver

December 12, 2017

Is it just us, or does every holiday event suddenly cost an arm and a leg? If you want to enjoy the holiday spirit with your fam but don’t want to break the bank, check out this great list of free (or nearly free) festive events and outings.

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