STRUB Activewear was founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 2006, and then in Zurich, Switzerland in 2014, by renowned athlete Conny Strub. Our care for people and animals alike, our world view, and distinctive fashion-driven approach culminated in creating a business where the clothing and gear reflects our own sense of style and purpose.

The clothing lines we carry are functional, fashionable, comfortable and versatile – and are made from a variety of fibres, from technical to natural – because it is our culture to inspire adventure, no matter where you end up, from the wilderness to the office.

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Sleeping in the Alpine: Backcountry Cabins and Lodges in BC

August 22, 2017

Multi-coloured wildflowers carpet alpine meadows, brooks bubble with sweet mountain water, and snow-covered peaks are all around when you sleep in BC’s backcountry cabins and lodges. It’s not just the thinner air at altitude that makes hearts race, it’s also hiking and biking in spectacular settings, wildlife sightings, and the fact that you can overnight in remote areas surrounded by 360 degrees of wilderness.

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Where to go Glamping in British Columbia

August 17, 2017

We live in an age where “outdoorsy” means something much different than it did for our great, great grandparents—and that’s okay! Some people love to breathe the fresh air, watch the wildlife and still return to a cozy bed and running water at the end of the day. This is where “glamping” comes in. A blending of the words “glamorous” and “camping,” glamping epitomizes this desire to experience all that camping outdoors has to offer while maintaining access to essential comforts like water, toilets, bedding, cooking amenities and organized activities.

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